I’m actually crying right now: dogs are beautiful and precious and loyal and happy and your dog loves you so much.  Such a good dog.  

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The Creation of Dog [x]

An editorial in the National Review — where no one apparently wanted to attach their name to the piece — mocked Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” reputation and called her “illiterate.”

"Her opinion is legally illiterate and logically indefensible," the editorial read. "And the still-young career of this self-described ‘wise Latina’ on the Supreme Court already offers a case study in the moral and legal corrosion that inevitably results from elevating ethnic-identity politics over the law."

Other critics — read: white men — called Sotomayor “overheated” and fueled by “emotion” — coded language that has been used in the past to discredit or marginalize women and minorities.

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John Scalzi gets it.

"Nip that crap in the bud, gentlemen. You can do it."

Please reblog 50 million times, then print out and hand it to every guy you know.

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Here Are Baseball’s Two Least Loved Teams

There is not a single ZIP code in the entire country that favors the New York Mets. Even in 11368, the home of Citi Field, fans prefer the Yankees by 53-25 percent. - Mother Jones



Oh man


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Buster: Are you guys planning a party?
Oscar: Yes, it’s your father’s birthday. Which coincidentally is my birthday.
Buster: Because you’re twins.

Good Grief - 2x04

Someone on twitter reminded me of this post, and it is absolutely one of my favorites.


George Sr: There’s always money in the banana stand.

Top Banana - 1x02

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Last week, dead bodies lined the streets leading to Bentiu, the capital of South Sudan’s oil-rich Unity State. Inside the city, more bodies were stacked inside mosques, churches and hospitals. Bulldozers were needed to clear the carnage.

In all, more than 400 civilians were killed in an attack the UN believes was orchestrated by South Sudanese rebels and carried out along ethnic lines.

It appears to be the bloodiest attack since conflict began in the new nation in December.

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