It’s a free plug-in that you can download for Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, and it blocks the sites you visit from collecting your data to use for advertising.

So if you’re ever weirded out by websites like Facebook sending you those tailored ads based on your web history and the like, go download Ghostery. Even if the NSA can probably brush it aside without problem, it definitely helps provide a little more peace of mind.


When news broke this week that Facebook was going to pay $19 billion to buy a text-messaging company called WhatsApp that has about 450 million users around the world, many in the U.S.  asked themselves “What’s That?” And, why was it worth so much money to a mega social media company like Facebook with 1.2 billion active monthly users?

The fact that WhatsApp is better known outside of the U.S. was likely one of the big reasons for Facebook’s move.


Hashtags on Facebook are just a first step. We’ll be rolling out more features in the coming weeks and months that make it even easier to discover and participate in conversations about shared interests on Facebook.”


hashtag yet another Facebook change no one asked for

They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type.

a career U.S. intelligence officer on the U.S. government, in a Washington Post exclusive on how the NSA and FBI is tapping into the central servers of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple. (via washingtonpoststyle)

This is where I’m at on this


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So I should probably stop using Facebook to run my crystal meth business… Honestly though, serious violation of privacy going on here.

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Follow-Up of the Day: Internets Revolt as Facebook Backs CISPA: Facebook (and also Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T, Intel…) has come out in support of CISPASOPA’s evil twin that essentially would obliterate online privacy — and thewrath of the web has reached a fever pitch.

What’s the best way to fight back?

Sign the petition by Demand Progress:

“Internet users were able to push GoDaddy to withdraw its support of SOPA. Now it’s time to make sure Facebook knows we’re furious.”

And/or share your opposition on Facebook, natch.


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